Tuesday, February 8, 2011

“Shahadat Jariha” on Alsumaria commemorates innocent victims

Assassinations, bombings and sabotage attacks have become a frequent occurrence in the Arab world. World reactions pour in over any despicable incident. Media rushes to cover the news, politicians take turns in denunciation, and security forces work on containing the repercussions on the ground. Victims however turn into figures as sympathy and sorrow soon fade away.

“Shahadat Jariha” on Alsumaria pays tribute to martyrs and recovers the humanitarian and social value of people lost in the trail of terrorist attacks that cast the life of thousands of innocent people. Victims are no longer figures in this program, they are a sad memory worth of pondering upon.

“Shahadat Jariha” is a seven episode length social program on Alsumaria that airs every Monday at 10:30 pm Baghdad time starting February 14.

In each episode, host Mohannad Al Khatib interviews families of victims. How are they going through life? How are they dealing with their painful tragedy? What do they have to say to perpetrators? Are they able to forgive? Can their loss be compensated?

A special reportage retracing the life of the victim is shown in every episode. Among the guests is a relative of the victim who shares with viewers touching stories about the deceased in remembrance of his missed presence among his beloveds. The program hosts another guest from the media field to discuss the effect and repercussions of the major incident on society and the country’s security and economy.

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